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See? I said I'd do my best to update. 

Which is now ten times more fun to do from my shiny new 15" MacBook Pro! Woop woop! If you aren't following my Instagram (@x150cm, I'm shameless), recently I received a 500$ scholarship (which upon telling people excitedly, I've heard a few too many "that's all? oh.") and then was able to cash in a 500$ bond from the bank that was set up on my fourth birthday. So basically, the MacBook is like a really, really late birthday gift to myself.

Once I had the confirmation that the MacBook Pro was on it's way, I did a little looking around for a bag that I liked. The 15" wouldn't fit in the day to day black Le Pilage Longchamp I've been using, so I decided to look for something a little bit more stable with a bit of protection for it. Quite frankly, I didn't just want to throw my MacBook in my Jansport with my other books. After a few clicks and some great reviews, I stumbled upon the Herschel 'Pop Quiz', and fell in love with it. I flipped over to Mile End Kicks to see if they had any (probably one of the only stores in Montreal with reasonable rates for Herschel products), and Sam (the owner) had a whole new stock in. Called them up, begged them to hold (well, they just promised not to suggest it to anyone until I got there) one of the yello- er, beeswax ones, and picked it up the next day.

I freaking love this store.

Smack dab in Mile End where the 80 runs, at 5403 ave. Du Parc is a little spot of amazing cultivated in 2009. European atmosphere, not too pushy, and everyone in the store knows what their doing. The first time I went there, I happened to stumble across the store while out and about, and found my first pair of Pajar boots. I'm pretty weary when it comes to buying winter gear, especially since in Montreal winter is much harsher and longer than it really needs to be, so when Sam sold me the boots and assured me I'd be okay, I didn't believe him.

Needless to say, I came back that following January and bought a pair of leather Fred Perry's with my tiny feet warm and snug in only a thin pair of socks and my Pajars. My mother, who couldn't believe that her daughter's princess feet were actually warm, tagged a long and ended up getting boots as well. That never happens (getting boots, nor her coming shopping with me). I'm the person that when Sports Expert has a sale on hockey socks, I go out and buy the entire rack in preparation for winter. If you manage to keep my feet warm and dry from October to March, you've definitely got a returning customer. So far, I've also picked up the Herschel bag above (and was gifted the super cute and timely Feiyue tote accompanied by a cute little mini-Feiyue shoe keychain, pictured on the pocket of the Herschel), and another one.

Sure, you could get the same products at Little Burgundy or Urban Outfitters, but I simply don't consider it going out of my way to head over to Mile End for a little warm customer service (and a better price).