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tonight's pick ups: black novel duffle from herschel, my staple black champion original keds, and mink oil

In Montreal it is currently 25 degrees below Celsius, that's negative 13 for those of you using Fahrenheit. Other than our freezing cold temperatures, Montreal is also well known for our underground city, filled with assorted places to eat, go to the gym, and shop. And boy are they busy, especially now. This honestly is the main reason why I do refuse to shop downtown unless I already know what I'm getting and where I'm going. I'd much rather just shop online and have whatever shipped to my house, and I hate that.

It's been four months since I've been last at Mile End Kicks (according to 4sq, which yes, I still use), and it's like I was there just the other day. Experiences like mine, being welcomed into the store, invited to chat and get warm before anything else, are what keep me coming back. Why go downtown to a store I could go to two days in a row and not recognize anyone? Names are not my thing, but from stepping through the door, the guys remembered my name, shoe size, and the fact that I've got to try on the right shoe to know if it fits because its the bigger foot. Remember, the last time I was there was four months ago, and I bought a backpack; now that's what I call service!

 I figure myself a loyal customer. Once I find a place where I can get something of quality, especially with service to match, I'm all over that till the death. With an extensive backpack and shoe collection, I appreciate Mile End Kicks like the gem it is. Why get caught up in the hustle and bustle of downtown when I can take an easy ride (well, until they decide to completely tear apart du Parc, again) from the subway to their doorstep and be treated not only a valued customer, but a person.


Be extremely careful when using Mink Oil!

These were previously my tan/buckwheat Timberlands. Now they're this brownish color. It isn't ugly, but it also isn't what I paid for. Be careful folks! I'll probably be returning to MEK before spring to pick up a new pair for when it's chilly during March-April.

Update: just stepped out of the shop, guess who's got a pretty new pair, a perfect fit, waiting for her! Thanks Chris!