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Took around four hours to complete (took a break a little over an hour in to eat dinner and clean a little, 342 pages), and I’m quite happy I had the time to complete it in one sitting. I’ve devoured (haha, I make joke) books in essentially one sitting since I was little, so it was nice to get that old groove back.

If anything was to happen in Montreal/Quebec, be it illness, war, etcetera, my plan was to grab a friend of mine who actually has her pilot's license, and make a mad dash for the airport so we can fly over to Barbados. This book single handily ruined that escape plan, because somehow Barbados gets overrun by either zombies or refugees. Barbados is only 166 square miles with a little over a quarter of a million residents, not exactly a spot for mass refugee camps.

I don’t think I’ve ever read a book in the style of interview, so this was a pretty cool twist. The stories I really loved have got to be the ones of that guy next to the mountain in India, the douche in Barbados, and especially the mentally handicapped girl. If any of the stories would scare me to the bone when acted out, it’d be that one. What was in the bucket of “meat” stew though Jes!? It really made me laugh to see how Cuba prospered and were like “uhhhhh we’re still not letting you gringos in”, ha!

Fun story, nice way of developing characters, especially when they’re reinterviewed in different parts of the book. This was an interesting Wikia I stumbled upon, which really broke down the story country by country as to what happened (based on the accounts of interviewees) Quite interested to see what they do with the movie, probably will see it when I’m in New York.

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