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Herschel saved me from having to lug my bags through JFK, true story. 

I was picking up my bags (which was surprisingly easy when you're not looking for a tag on a plain black suitcase, like everyone else) when a guy working at the airport spotted me out. Herschel is "cool" in Montreal, but it definitely isn't as big as it is in New York. Anyways, long story short after a bit of ooh-and-ahhing at my duffel bag, he noticed how heavy it was (because I managed to pack the female version of two weeks of clothes and shoes into it) and offered to put it on the cart with a few older people headed for the AirTrain. There wasn't enough room for me, but when I realized how far I walked without the bag, I wasn't complaining. JFK is much bigger than the last I remember it. 

Despite being thrown around, dragged, surviving the subway, and enduring being a scratching post for one pesky cat, my Herschel Novel survived. No straps breaking on me, no zippers popping open (which was surprising, because of how much I stuffed in there), and thankfully no seams coming apart. I can't think of how much my family has spent on luggage over the years, but I wish Herschel would have gotten here sooner. 

The first Herschel bag I got (from their first line of backpacks, before they had cushioned laptop sections) at Mile End Kicks about two years ago, is still in perfect condition. With enough space for snacks, my 15" MacBook Pro (also in a lovely Herschel sleeve with a fleece interior), my toiletries, and a simple pair of leggings with a t-shirt (I'm paranoid that my bags will vanish one day), it definitely makes the minor investment in their bags totally worth it. From textbooks to travelling, they've been holding up. 

Ever since then, I've been hooked. Regularly going to MEK and buying into Herschel, I've come to the conclusion that I should probably consider buying into their stock. On the shelf alongside the duffel and backpack, I also have their Pop Quiz backpack for solely school use, the Market tote, and their Field Pouch which for me doubles as a bag insert. After looking at it a few times over my last few trips, today I picked up the folding Packable tote alongside a smaller duffel, the Sutton, designed for shorter trips. Especially since getting the Field Pouch (which means no more keys and lip balm falling to the bottom of my bag), I've been much more interested in totes, and having the Packable one is just the icing on the cake. I picked up groceries today and pretty much stuffed it, but it's still holding up pretty well.

Overall, I'm really impressed with the Herschel brand. Canadian owned (unfortunately many, if not all, of their items are made in China) and extremely popular since their original trade show launching, the Cormack brothers have done very well for themselves. Simple designs and attention to detail have brought them far; I can only hope that they won't fizzle out any time soon.