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Definitely one of my favourite things about working at the main cashes at a downtown bookstore is the people I get to meet. For example, this Black Friday weekend, as hectic as it has been, has allowed me to meet countless numbers of interesting people who've picked up equally interesting books. It's hard to know everything that's sitting around patiently upstairs, waiting to be plucked by someone, so it's nice when someone brings something new and exciting for me to ring up. Obviously Black Friday weekend in the downtown area is definitely not someplace where I should be having in-depth conversations about books, but even one or two minutes of exhilarating speed-conversations can be quite fun. An American man noted that Canadians, especially in Montreal, have this sense of humour that's witty like the Brits, but easy enough to catch onto for the Americans (his words, not mine). Which brings me to my point; I'm glad that I finally have a copy of Josh Freed's latest book.

Despite being still unable to use semi-colons properly, I'm technically an adult. I pay taxes, avoid groups of high school aged children, can be ticketed by the police for jaywalking (only if they can catch me!), and willingly wear all those layers of insulation my parents forced me to wear as a kid. Basically, I can't skip to the comics section of the Gazette that I get first, usually because it's in the hands of an actual little one. Needless to say, the Saturday column written by Josh Freed has become my thing. He's pretty spot on and witty enough to make me chuckle in public. So this anthology of columns from the award winning Freed is quite nice.

Let's face it – most (99.9%) of the books I read and/or own, are not happy ones. I didn't realize this until a friend asked for "happy" book suggestions, only for me to do a thorough search of my personal catalogues to find nothing. He Who Laughs, Lasts is found at the front of our store on display, but is usually shelved in the Humour section upstairs. I don't even know where the humour section is to be honest. The anthology, nicely put together in a smooth mustard coloured trade paperback, is a change. I'm still working on A Game of Thrones and An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth to be able to fill in anxious customers, but surely once finals are over I'll be kicking back with my heavy blankets and tea with this one.

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