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Tonight, the man I used to watch fly high up into the sky and finally into space (which I was/am very afraid of venturing into prior to gravity, for fear that any possible alien life forms would think that I was/am an American and try to exterminate me like they do in all the movies) stood next to me. Little old me, with my big poofy hair (which he likes) and my galaxy-esque nail polish (which he also thought was cool, Storm by Zoya) hopping up and down with excitement. "I never thought I'd meet anyone (read: any adult) this excited to meet me" said Chris Hadfield as I blurted out my name and struggled to put the six letters together. He's quite a swell guy, gives the kind of firm, but not too firm, handshakes that makes you feel important. He also smells clean and doesn't reek of heavy cologne or aftershave. For someone with a sensitive nose like me, this is important.

If you're wondering about my scarf (it's a snood, don't ask me what that even means), I got it from Superdry. If you live in America or Canada, you can get 20% off this weekend I think (November 28-30?). I absolutely love this thing, it's warm enough to wear it outside and protect me from ear to ear below my glasses (the faux-fur lining is also quite nice for burying my chin into so I can nap on the train) and airy enough for me to wear it in school and at work. The jacket is also extremely warm too, in fact a little too warm. I would definitely consider buying a size up next year, because even if I don't need another because of wear and tear, I'm going to need another one because it's simply too tight in the shoulders. Who would have thought I was bigger than a UK size 6?! It's great for walking around in the wind when being strapped down tight and braced against the cold is a good thing, but it's definitely a lot to lug around between school and work. It does do what it's supposed to do though so far – protect me from the coldest times in the day, early morning and late at night, since where I work and go to school are connected to the underground city.

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