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If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, or have seen me outside while waiting for a bus, it's pretty obvious that I'm not a big fan of winter. Winter was cool when I was little for like ten minutes to play outside in it, but anything more than that was completely unnecessary. I blame this on a) being of hot Bajan blood and b) being born in the summer. Snow is nice and all when it's fluffy, but Montreal (well, Quebec as a whole really) just takes winter far too seriously. Honestly though, what is the need for a three foot snow fall overnight and temperatures of -20C/-4F not including the windchill? You literally have to dig your way out of everything, the buses take forever (and when they do come they're packed), your nose runs on everything, and you're wearing like six layers of outerwear and yet you're still cold! That, unfortunately is winter. I've seen winter to be like this for a very long time, and I probably won't be changing my opinion anytime soon. In fact, call me a conspiracy theorist, but I really do believe global warming is real because I do not remember it snowing like this when I was a kid and it just seems to be getting worse.

The only difference with this year's winter (other than the increase in snow from last year) is the people I'm surrounded by. On a cold night like tonight, these are some of the boots of people who trekked through snow and windchill slaps to the face to come out to a fellow coworker's apartment for what was supposed to be a small dinner. While Wednesday is not the best day for a house party (again, especially in the winter), this photo is just an attestation to what good company can make you do. Even when the food was all gone and there was nothing left to share out, when the family dogs retired to the living room finally fed up of trying to get through the crowd, and we were all sitting on top of each other, we were all seemingly happy. Complained a bit about work, shared hilarious stories about customers varying from super sweet to impossibly rude, talked about our personal projects, and of course a few mini fandom wars. Since beginning to work downtown, I've been surrounded by great people. As someone who has issues with creating and accepting being a(n) creator/artist/writer, it's definitely helped me come into my own and accept my art for what it is when I'm surrounded by people who are so passionate about their own art. I used to run back and forth to New York City for a little cradle of support, but tonight solidifies that I can get that support without waking up with a stiff neck at Port Authority after an eight hour bus ride.

I can't wait for the next gathering. But in the summer of course.

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