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So I got my iPhone 5 in let's say November 2012. Everything was smooth and dandy. It's been over a year and no scratches, breaks, or bumps. But now, sixteen months later, my battery is catching an attitude. When I complained about it to fellow Apple enthusiasts, the small smile of understanding and growing annoyance with Apple let me know that I was late to the party. Apparently, because it's cold outside here in good old prejudice Quebec, all Apple batteries have decided to do what they want. That includes turning off at 63% and not letting me restart my phone without plugging it in. And this, which is the most frustrating part, is absolutely normal. It's like if I asked for a latte in a café, or for parmesan on my spaghetti. Did the people in sunny California at Apple headquarters not realize that in other parts of the world not only does it rain, but drop to temperatures below the negative line in terms of Fahrenheit? What about Apple users in Russia and Alaska? Do I really have to go and get a warmer mitt made for my phone?! Madness. 

Since essentially having to walk around with jumper cables for my phone, which I shamelessly plug into metro outlets in partial retaliation for making me late for work and class, things have fortunately gotten better. The slim cases aren't doing it anymore and closing apps after using them helps, but my little Eton BoostBloc (around 70CAD w/ tax at Indigo Place Montreal Trust) is literally a life saver. For my fellow Whovians (hi Arizona, Michelle, Kayley, and Marta), the Eton BoostBloc makes me smile in slight terror. If you've kept up or recently binged, you'll definitely remember the episode with the invasion of the little black cubes.

(source: the mind reels)

The Eton looks just like those cubes of terror, and it frightens me when it accidentally gets shaken up and lights up in bright blue to let you know how charged it is. It's quite light weight, isn't too big, and can hold two full charges. Is it small enough to fit in an inner jacket pocket? Yes. Is it bulky? Yes. It's definitely not something you'll be toting around if you're walking around with a slim high fashion clutch, but it fits quite nicely in the inner mesh pocket of my Herschel Market tote.

You know I can't help myself when it comes to Herschel. Since having an ink accident with my classic black one, I've been looking at copping another. While walking around Mile End with Chardé, I brought her into Mile End Kicks, also known as my second home, and stopped to check out their new collection. I like that Mile End Kicks not only carries the latest collection (unlike Little Burgundy), but also some of the more classical pieces. Considering my outfits are usually quite plain, I figured a printed bag would be a nice offset. Obviously I went for the most outrageous print, a mix of touristy Hawaiian and camouflage.

I definitely won't be impossible to find when travelling with this one. Now just to prep myself for the number of people who are going to be stopping me to ask me where I got it! The Herschel tote is definitely for the person who's planning to go out and about all day. While I usually use it on busy days where I'm studying, reading, writing, picking up things, and going to work, it's packing capacity is enough to fit a brand new record (A Tribe Called Quest - The Low End Theory, 1996) that I picked up from Phonopolis and a new pair of Vans still in their box (plus a few extras that aren't too important).

What Vans might you ask? Well I got these lovely ones; my idea of high heels to go with lace dresses are platform hi Vans with gold studs. Mama raised a winner. I'll need to spray them of course before wearing them in the rain, but I definitely feel like these will be a nice touch to any simple outfit and comfy enough to wear them for long periods. I'm a huge fan of Vans, not only for their thick sole designed primarily for skateboarders but awesome for people who are on their feet all day, but the fact that you can get them in all black which is policy where I work. No issues with coloring soles!

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