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At first when I saw the trailer for Edge of Tomorrow, I literally squealed. Anything with aliens trying to take over, except for Alien/Predator and any denominations because I saw that too early in life and I've been scared, will excite me. Unfortunately I read the Wikipedia page and found out that it's only coming out in June. The upside? I also found that the movie is based off Japanese "light-novel" All You Need Is KILL by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. 

Let's not think of all the things that can go wrong here at once, your brain might explode! Now, let's be real about this. When it comes to movie adaptations of Japanese and Korean alien or monster material, America usually does a pretty bad job of it. On top of that, they've got Tom Cruise in there playing the staring role. On top of that, in the original story, the main character is supposed to be Japanese. Tom Cruise, is playing main character Keiji Kiriya - oh excuse me - I mean he's playing William Cage. Do you see where I'm getting at? Exactly.

All You Need Is KILL could literally be read in the waking hours Keiji Kiriya is alive for. Hiroshi Sakurazaka's light novel of an exact 200 pages sold for a rumoured three million USD, which I'm hoping was just for securing the rights to use and not cancelling out royalties. While it has been compared to Source Code, Sakurazaka's novel was published in it's original Japanese form ten years ago. KILL is a quick-paced page turner; descriptions are short and to the point, there's no fluffy diction, and the characters are defined only for their purpose. I'm lowkey obsessed with the Battle of Normandy at Omaha Beach, and I feel like it's influenced the production. Going between the book and the trailer, I definitely feel that the film adaptation must have been fun for the design team because the simple description for a Mimic as being like "a dead bloated frog" can be interpreted in a million ways. Reading the book does basically give the whole story line away if you plan on seeing the movie, but I'll probably still see the movie for the graphics. KILL is definitely up there on my list of books to re-read, but probably not before potentially heading over to Japan.

Considering Pacific Rim had to do with alien and human telepathic connections as well, and now Edge of Tomorrow will follow suit, I wonder if this will become the new trend.

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