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We missed El Museo del Barrio, but made it in time to check the Morgan Library and Museum. They had a whole exhibition on Le petit prince that was mad lowkey, but absolutely wonderful and detailed. I grew up reading Le petit prince and watching all these iconic French and Belgian shows, so it was really heart warming to get a little throwback. I probably looked crazy clutching that stuffed Babar doll from the gift shop, but I’m really happy I got to see this museum/library. Babar is sitting on my pillow right now, and he's the perfect reminder that someone is listening to me at some point or another.

Going from the Morgan Library to Queensbridge was a complete 180, but still an amazing vibe. Considering everything that transpired this weekend, sitting in the park behind the projects and watching the sun go down was the perfect send off. While Queensbridge definitely doesn't look the same way it did around fifteen years ago when I was last there (K played me when he said "well, you were shorter then"), the feeling was still there. We randomly bumped into one guy, Adam, from the North houses, and the conversation kept rolling from there. That's one thing I like about the block, there's always someone to talk to and put you on.

There’s only two places that a human being should be able to be good, on some peace of mind shit; at home and yo God bless the dead, but in the grave.

– Adam, Queensbridge projects 

Since Adam said that, I've been thinking. I usually go to New York to clear my mind and try to get things back together, which is much needed with the whirlwind that 2014 has been since the jump. I don’t feel stagnant at the moment, which is good for once, but I don’t feel 100% either. I haven't lost my way completely, but all the going back and forth in my head is making me wonder where I dropped my ability to reason clearly. The reality of trying to run away from whatever my life is at this moment to New York or wherever for two weeks to have a slice of happiness is not what I want. The chasing of happiness in my case is definitely not happy and there are certain things I shouldn't have to be holding round tables on to figure out my next move. Gotta work on that. How to work my mind into a better place, a more homey place, is my next goal.

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