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(F21 mesh crop hoodie, JAWS earrings by Honeycutt Jewelry, Lululemon "Post Savasana" tote bag, Yoga Rat yoga mat)

My lack of updating is directly related to the good kind of exhaustion I’ve experienced in the past week. I can’t go back in time and change things, but if I could I definitely would have never stopped training; doing a whole body makeover is much harder (and painful) than just doing daily maintenance. Oh well, I’m here now, and I’m doing it now. I’m seeing major progress, and it seems as if my body hasn’t forgotten what cool things it can do. Hot yoga has definitely been a jumpstart to my system, and I’m glad I’m doing it now instead of another ten years down the line.

This past weekend I did a hot barre (this fitblr, Lydia, actually teaches at ensō!) class at ensō studio Saturday morning, and ended up loving (the torture) so much that I went back again for the Sunday morning class. Growing up active with dancing and gymnastics, especially in a city known for its Cirque du Soleil and all their bendy capabilities, there’s definitely quite a lot of pressure to be the best in some studios. Having not been on the barre for ten years, this weekend was a mental check. I’m getting back into shape, I’m trying to rebuild my strength, but I’m not trying to do the most. How I felt in these classes this weekend as opposed to classes ten years ago is a complete 180. Positive attitudes, polite teachers, encouraging reinforcement…this is definitely where I want to be. It’s been ten years since I’ve been in prime shape, but also ten years since I was berated and thought perfection was the wave. Glad that’s over.

The first week of the yoga challenge is over, I did five out of seven days out of the week. I’ve scheduled in a full seven days at the studio for this upcoming week, which will bring me to 12/30 for the thirty day challenge. I think we have until July 6th (two days before my twentieth birthday!) to complete the challenge, and I’m sure I’ll have it in by then.

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