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I've made the decision to sell my DSLR. Bought around five years ago, I'd say we had a good run. My Nikon D3000 and I made a bunch of great travels together and it definitely served it's purpose. However, I can't remember the last time I used it now that I have an iPhone 5. Everything now is Instagram and Twitpics; I simply don't have the time to load my pictures from my camera to quick (over)sharing sites. As someone who's not invested in photography, having a DSLR at this point is futile.

The rise and simplicity of iPhoneography however has convinced some with their apps and filters that they actually are photographers. It's laughable really. As much as I love to use these methods of editing, they don't make me a photographer. Out of all of my photography friends, which is a good group, I only know two that like VSCO Cam. Personally I love it because the filters are nice, the layout is clean and minimalistic, and it's more about being an online gallery than a social media website. I first heard about VSCO Cam from Denisse (behind Denisse Benitez Photography if you're in the Tri-State area), but I didn't make it my go-to app for editing pictures until I saw my cousin Chardé using it. Especially after going through her feed on my MacBook during the last few days of her trip to Montreal, I've become obsessed.

In conjunction with VSCO Cam, I gifted myself the ōlloclip 3-1 Lens Kit after a tough day at work this week. I haven't really gotten the chance to give it a proper testing, but so far I'm absolutely in love with it. The case is minimal and fits with the screen protector I already have on. Best part, I have an iHome docking station, and I don't have to take this case off to put my phone to charge. The little lens comes with a microfiber cloth pouch, which makes carrying it super easy. A fish eye, wide angle, and macro lens, plus a compatible case for less than 70 dollars? How can I complain! I would have never bought any lenses for my DSLR, particularly because those same lenses have a retail value of rent or plane tickets in some cases.

While we're at it, here's two other of my favourite VSCOers NatalieSarah Noelle, and Sumaya! Do you use VSCO? What's your take on it? And most importantly if you are using it, what's your URL?

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