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Long gone are the days of treating passengers like they're human beings that are shelling out money to your company. Air Canada, for example, has not only horrible customer service, but a lack of amenities is the icing on the crap cake. But what has Japan Airlines done? In my case, they have completely set themselves apart from other airlines I've frequented in the past.

Originally when I booked my flight I had to use my old passport number, and when I finally got the new one, I then realized that I wasn't able to change the number by myself online. Within five minutes, I not only got through their automated system, but also spoke to someone who was amazingly helpful and got everything I needed to do, done in five minutes.

When it came around to actually getting on the plane, let's talk about that dream of a setup. Now me, I'm 4'11"/150cm, which means I can be comfortable anywhere, but there were people at the very back of the plane who were at least 6"/182cm and mentioned they found it comfortable when I asked them. Lots of legroom in all classes, a pillow, a blanket, and headphones, all for free. But it doesn't stop there...then they brought this!   

This meal, only two hours into the flight, was too much. The main course, breaded pork cutlets with a curried rice, was enough to fill me. Not to mention the salad, fruit, other meat and egg sides, plus some noodles. Then came the ice cream. Not just any run of the mill ice cream, but your own personal serving size of vanilla Häagen-Dazs! WIN! And if that wasn't enough, they fed us (well, everyone else because I was stuffed) again about four hours before landing.

I honestly have nothing bad to say about JAL. Awesome stewardesses (who came to check on me every hour because they thought I wasn't eating because I wasn't feeling well), great food, and top notch service. They even had WiFi.

In the face of the typhoon that swept over Taiwan, we were unfortunately delayed around ten hours. In Korea, that means you're stuck sleeping at the airport. I wasn't panicking because I assumed that JAL would try their best to help us out, but I didn't know that they would not only give those of us with connecting flights to Seoul food vouchers worth 1,500¥ (around 15$USD), but then arrange for three extra buses to be available at 02h30 to take us into Seoul since none run that late plus a way to be reimbursed for 100,000₩ (around 100$USD) worth of taxi fare from the Seoul drop off points.

If you have to fly anywhere in Asia, I would definitely suggest flying with Japan Airlines, especially if you want to be treated like a person, which you most certainly are.

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