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labour day weekend was a blur, but also a much needed switch up of the pace. a sincere celebration of life and liveliness that i’m so glad i didn’t miss, and ever grateful that my auntie carol welcomed me in (you’re the best). the more time i spend around my family the more i realize where bits and pieces of myself come from, and i savour these moments greedily.

if i think about where i am right now in my life in comparison to last year, i literally shudder. i think about how i felt in my body, always tight and cramped with stress and on the go, and how many advancements i’ve made financially, mentally, and health-wise, and i couldn’t be anymore thankful. this job...yo this job...i've never done anything corporate like this, so it's an interesting experience. i'm friendly, everyone else is friendly; i don't care if it's fake or not. i'm happy and surprised by the amount of support they've given me from the day i got the call i got the job. a repetitive early morning 40hrs a week is definitely a shift of gears, but it's cool with me to run on auto-pilot for a bit and stack up.

this weekend i was apart of a skincare panel within an open discussion held by ubuntu talks in conjunction with BEING. we had a really amazing turnout, over fifteen of us having an amazing conversation about skin, natural remedies, proper cautionings about certain remedies and medications, and an important piece on confidence in the skin you’re in despite the condition. unfortunately i didn’t remember to record the conversation we had, but i’m searching to see if someone’s got a recording of it somewhere. i've already got a few recipes scribbled out between post-its and receipts in my journal, so i'm really hoping that i can eventually sit down and find the patience to type those out. maybe when i go home.


when i got on the greyhound i was lit because the nice black pleather seats were freshly lysol'd and plump, so i figured i wasn't going to have any back pain while waiting for the q but NnnNNNnnNnoOooOooOoOoooo. i don't know if it's that i'm getting too old to be doing the overnight bus to new york or this is proof that i need to get back to a deeper yoga practice and loosen up but good grief. i don't know what's more aggravating, that pain in my neck and lower back, or the fact that i lost this bomb metro.


carlos pulled up and it was amazing as usual; there is no such thing as a bad time with him no matter what the season. since afropunk with him last year, i've completely been down for this friendship. i'm ever grateful for his support, taking me to interesting spots, and roast sessions.


shoutouts to twon for jumping the fence with me at the parade. we were there from 13h00-19h00. jumping in bands on behalf of our friends, family, and those who can't be with us. it's nice to be on the parkway with someone who's hype for it. discussing politics over jerk chicken and henny coconut water (delicious, but when the water is done and you pour henny in the jelly you will be sauced quickly, you've been warned), taking up space with flag in hand representing, and joining in with friends and family (esp. by surprise)...nothing beats that.


the lock on the door is getting old. i wonder why no one remembers me anymore on this block; do i really look that much different? i'm shades of brown currently, but i've got dashes of unidentifiable colour where the blue tones once were. it's a language of synesthesia i can only understand with experience, i'm eager to learn as usual.

music has been drawing something out of me like i'm really shedding a layer. 2016 hardened men but 2017, 2017 is showing me something completely new, and the music has been rocking me through it. sza's album threw me like someone dropped me in that heart attack of a roundabout in warrens (they're all heart attacks in my opinion) at top speed, but i think i'm echoing a common feeling. it was interesting to reflect on the little bits and pieces that stuck with me, it's good to finally feel like i really am moving forward.

i see them on the beat in front of the building, i wonder if they know what goldmine they're in front of. it's interesting to walk past the life you thought you would of had, holding hands with the complete opposite of who you once were, as a whole different person. i think i like this better. as much as i'd rather a slap and paranoia over losing his scent as he walks away in the blur of port authority, this is so much better. i spent a lot of my time with a person i loved who did not love me back, and now that love flows evenly across the board it's through distance and time.

crumpled paper. fronto. homegrown from back home. frankincense. myrrh. ginger tea. *buzz*

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